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The Journey Begins

Today starts our dev blog on our current very amazing project Fata Deum.

Fata Deum will be a god simulation game for PC and Mac with an interesting combination of well-known game features of god games like Black&White, Reus, Populous or The Universim combined with additional new game concepts alltogether delivering a totally new gaming experience.

The player will be able to decide between different play styles (of course good or evil, but also more ) and needs to compete with other gods on the favor of the people living in their world.

As our journey has just started right now and the development of Fata Deum is at its very beginning, this dev blog is mainly dedicated to other indie developers in the first place.

In the next half year we will develop a prototype demonstrating all (currently) intended game features. Of course plans will change and further ideas will come up and other ideas will be withdrawn, but we plan to work very focused to provide at least monthly updates of a running prototype and be able to show a first playable demo after half a year!

So stay tuned! Updates will come!

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