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Publishing Deal!

We are very proud to announce that Hooded Horse Inc., an indie publisher focusing on simulation, strategy and RPG games, is publishing Fata Deum!

We have already signed the publishing deal in February and Hooded Horse already supported us during the preparations for the Steam Next Fest (which took place in Februrary, too) and they will further reduce our workload so we can concentrate on the game development on 100%.

In addition, they boost the development with additional funding!

So that are definitely great news!

Steam Next Fest Was a Great Success!

Over 25.000 gamer played the Fata Deum demo and over 2.000 feedback forms have been filled out!

We have been able to more than double our Steam wishlists count and have now more than 100.000 outstanding wishlists (still increasing day by day). For an indie developer these wishlists numbers are very important to get enough coverage by Steam during release.

We have more than doubled our wishlist numbers during the Steam Next Fest!

Having 100.000 wishlists is a great success for a small indie team like us and this would not have been possible without your support.

Thank you so much!

Our publisher Hooded Horse did also a great job during the Steam Next Fest so we could reach a new level of visibility. We are now on position 132 in the Steam global wishlists charts. Considering that more than 10.000 games are launched at Steam every year, this is just amazing!

Feedback Evaluation

2.000 filled out feedback forms during the Steam Next Fest… that’s a lot 😊

And we have taken them seriously analyzing each of these feedbacks!

While the overall picture is already quite good, we still have issues with controls and the tutorials ☹

So, this is something we will add another iteration for!

We also received a lot of nice ideas we will would like to put in the game either before or after EA release!

Of course, we would love to read that everyone is already totally happy with the game and ship it, but we are willing to get the mentioned issues fixed and ship afterwards!

That is what feedback is for😊 And our publisher sees things very similar.

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